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Grid Review For After Lunch

Two challenges I feel we face each day we train are, 'beating the post-lunch-slump' and reviewing in a learner centred way so that our learners don't even realise they're reviewing.

After the lunch break, how do we get our learners to re-focus on content, get them working together again and get them up and moving in a fun AND relevant way?  This is a technique that we use to do exactly that and I call it the Grid Review.

Grid ReviewGrid Review

  • At exactly the stated time for restarting your workshop:
  • Hand out a sheet of plain A4 paper to each learner.
  • Ask them to draw a 3 by 3 grid that fills the entire sheet of paper.
  • Ask them to think about the workshop so far and draw 9 pictures that represent 9 key ideas, techniques or observations they have uncovered to-date – 1 picture per square.
  • Allow 10 minutes (of course learners can look back at their notes, share ideas with people in their team etc – it's not a test).
  • Ask learners to bring their sheet of pictures with them and form a circle in a clear area of the room.
  • Ask learners to place their paper on the floor in front of them so that they can see their pictures.
  • Introduce a marker pen (or other object like a ball) into the circle by giving it to one of the learners forming the circle.
  • Let learners know that you will play some music.  While the music is playing they need to pass the pen clockwise in the circle.  When the music stops, that person needs to step forward and share one of the ideas from their grid ie share one of their key learning points.  Let them know that this will continue for several rounds.
  • Play some lively music and start the pen moving around the circle eg
    - I Like to Move It - Reel 2 Real
    - Get Ready for This - 2 Unlimited
    - Let's Get It Started  - Black Eyed Peas
    - We Will Rock You - Queen
  • Allow 20-30 seconds and then stop the music.
  • Ask the person holding the pen share one of their key ideas with the rest of the circle.
  • Continue as above for 2-3 rounds.
  • Introduce a second pen into the circle but going in the opposite direction.
  • Continue again for a few rounds.

What you achieve
You have started on time, you've re-engaged and re-energised all your learners in fun and relevant way.  Learners have reviewed content in a learner centred way rather than a trainer-led way (and probably don't even realise that they were reviewing).  They are now ready for their afternoon of learning with you.

NB - By asking learners to think about and then draw their learning points prior to the main activity means that when the music stops, the learner holding the pen has something they can share with the group rather than being put on the spot and having to think of something there-and-then.  This means learners can relax and enjoy the review.

You could also use this mid afternoon or with a little tweaking turn it into a great close by asking learners to draw their action points and then use this techniques for them to share what they will be implementing when they return to the workplace.


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