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Help At Every Stage Of Your Training Development Pathway

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We're here to help you every step-of-the-way as you develop you first or next workshop.


Your Training Development Roadmap

You'll want to start with Your Development Roadmap.  Here we'll take you step-by-step through creating your first (or next) training.  This is designed as 6 modules that can be applied to any type of training design and are the foundation steps of great training design.

Typically, this will take you around 6 weeks to complete and implement but give you an invaluable template for every training workshop you design in the future.

Training Tips and Activities

When you're relatively new to training, it can be daunting to move from simply presenting to actually training.  Finding activities that work, can link to your content and engage your learners in a professional way is tricky even for experienced trainers, that's why we've created and categorised over 250 ready to use ideas and training activities ready for you to use.  All tried and tested by us - so we know that they work!

Plus we add a new idea for your try every 2 weeks.

Community Forums

Although new to our Community the forums this will be a great place to get feedback on your training design, ask questions and get answers from trainers who have been in your shoes or just to connect with other trainers at the same level of development as you.

We may be biased, but we happen to think that our members are amazing with a wide range of skills and expertise who will help you grow as a trainer.

If you're an experienced trainer, then it might be time to start topping up that trainers toolbox of yours and start exploring new areas of training.

Live Virtual Development Modules

Keep up-to-date with some of the latest training technologies, research and training trends with the monthly Live Virtual Development Modules.

These are ideal for new ideas, building upon your current training expertise and sharing ideas with other trainers from around the world.

Monthly Assignments

Build and refine different a different part of your training each month.  These assignments (should you accept them) will build upon your current training expertise and help you examine one specific area each month.  They are designed to be focused and practical.  Pact with suggestions and examples ready to refine or add to your current training eg 'To Make Your Welcome Message, Welcoming', 'How to Create Your Training Pre-Work', 'From Training Manual To Practical Workbook' ...

Training Tips and Activities

This will save you hours of searching books and the internet looking for inspiration and ideas to use as you design or to refresh an existing workshop.  And they are all in one place and categories to speed up finding exactly what you need.

Community Forums

As you become a more experienced trainer your needs and questions change.  Although new to our Community the forums will become a great place for you to ask question and get answers from those that have already experience in your new area.

To help further your own development, become a respected expert yourself by offering help to others who will benefit from your experience.  This also helps cement your own knowledge.

We may be biased, but we happen to think that our members are amazing with a wide range of skills and expertise who will help you grow as a trainer.

You're probably not involved facilitating the day-to-day workshops but rather managing and leading your training team(s). Thinking strategically is key. That's why we've included ...

Live Virtual Development Modules

We've included the monthly development modules (some specific to you such as Measuring the ROI of Training) but also for you to get a great overview of what's new.  Your needs are slightly different.  You don't need to be able to apply the ideas as such but think strategically about if a new trend will work for your organisation and if so, how to best introduce it ie tools to use and how to best map it into your current pathways.  BUT FIRST, you need to know what's new.

Community Forums

Although new to our Community the forums can be a great place for you to connect with other Training Managers (Departmental, National and Global Training Managers and Training Directors).  Use the forums to ask them to share their experience and best when implementing a specific strategy or trend that you're considering for your organisation - and a place for you to share your experiences and best practices for other Training Managers to benefit from.

It's always great to get a different perspective from a Training Manager not in your organisation and maybe not even within your business sector.


All Community Members Get Access To ...


The Development Modules Archive

Immediate access to 35 Modules and counting!!

Whether you're new to training, looking to specialise or a training manager there are modules here for you from ‘Bringing Dry Material To Life’ through ‘How To Create Training Games And Activities Using PowerPoint’ to Prove Your Worth How To Measure Training.

Live Q&A's

Need tailored advice and feedback? No problem! Join us for our monthly Q&A call where no question goes unanswered.

Can’t make the Q&A live? No worries, submit your question in advance and listen back on the replay!

And of course, you can get answers to questions 24/7 inside our member-only forum. So, you never need to wait long for support!